More Cheap junk

I love ebay. I buy and I sell. I enjoy the real world Tetris game of packing stuff up for shipment. I found I can get professional looking results on packages with this heat sealer and some plastic bags. (Or those Air-bags lots of places use instead of packing peanuts)

Till one day it stopped working.

It had been a few years of off and on use, so i figured it was about time to switch to the included spare heating element. I broke out the meter and poked around but was unable to find something wrong. I removed the timer module, tested the pot and metered the relay, no problem…

After a good hour of head scratching and meter work I found the culprit;

 This little cheezy chunk of molded plastic! 

I clipped it clean off and soldered the wires directly to the mating pins. 

 Back in business! The sealer works better than before. I guess the connector was always a point of high resistance, leading to its failure.