The Count – Build

Cheap Motors need a home, time to build another showy non-competitive combat robot!

 The end result of Day 1.

Lets take a quick look to see how we got here

Step 1: A blueprint, a plan, a rough sketch, a vauge idea…   Somewhere exists a “not to scale” back of the napkin sketch of how The Count was suposed to go together. Everything looked like it would fit, wheels where the shoulders would go, lots of leg room for a big propane tank, it was perfect.  One of these days I’ll learn solid works… untill then


Plywood aided design!

The wood serves as ful scale blueprint, cutting fixture, welding jig, and maybe even a lid.

Here I simply lay the square steel tube over the template and use an angle grinder or hacksaw to miter the tubes.


All cut and test assembled


  And here you can see TeamMate Miles giving the frame a test fit.