The Big Show – RoboGames 2011

Bandsaw and Steel

So It begins. A new year and a new event quickly approaching. Around 3 months till RoboGames 2011.  We are committed to building a 60lb Lw Combat robot, a picture of the prototype;

prototype tire bot

Running gear: pair of Stature gear motors for drive, the electronics box borrowed from the Count, a Michelin tire as armor and a plywood mock frame. With a few hours invested in this test bed we were up and running around the shop. Its squirrely fast, I know it can be dialed back with the right radio. What i’m not sure of, the direct from China radio can be set up for an expo curve.  After consulting the Engrish laden manual it would appear that is not an option.  Maybe the robot can use the Futaba….

In addition to TireBot, which is Scott and Mike’s Bot, I have landed on a concept and theme for the artbot. Or one of the artbots, I would like to produce more than one. I would love to make at least one hockeybot… Ah too many robots not enough time or money.