A Hoppy Easter

Still running hot from RoboGames… a perfect chance to spend money!

1: A pelouse 4040 digital scale. No more bathroom scale fudge factor for us.

2: An ebay mystery motor i’ve been looking at for a while. Mag power for $100? further tests are needed…

3: A GoPro Hd Hero camera.

I was taken back by the quality of this video:


and the Tv production company’s  frivolous use of Go-pros everywhere. 

In use it distorts the picture rather badly. However it has 2 features that make it a keeper. The time lapse photo mode and analouge video output. I can use the go-pro “gun camera” with a hobby city video transmitter and safetly relay bot testing video to the bunker.  All in all a nice piece of kit.

Here is a video shot with the GoPro: