The Consistent Winner

TeamTiki Is a little different. Unlike most robot combat teams we are not there to win. Our primary goal is to have fun and put on a good show. Because of this philiosphy TeamTiki doesn’t take home many medals. There has been one trend, our team artist Mike Nagamoto has taken a medal at every RoBoGames hes entered!

The art-bot display was quite killer this year, incorperating NagaMoto’s Mola Mola in coper, Elise’s Tiki Posters and a borrowed sheet of plexiglass.

here is the inscription that accompanied this year’s display:

Michael Yoji Nagamoto, metal sculptor, has transformed salvaged and new metals into sculpture pieces. Sculpture art that has a definite utilitarian twist also graces homes in the Bay Area and beyond. Inspiration comes from more than 35 years of diving off the California coast and Hawaiian Islands. A retired Fire Fighter of 30 years and now Welding Instructor at Laney College brings fire and water together to make “artsy fartsy” . Come to Laney College and take one of our Welding Courses. Learn the Principles and Practices of Welding and then go on to a career in welding or make your own “artsy fartsy” creations.

Mike “Artsy Fartsy” NagaMoto is avalable for commissioned pieces, decorative as well as utilitarian. contact site adminstrator for further details.