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Sad Bot

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Pine Box

This is the Pine Box with team members Scott and Henry.

Pine Box

By Team Tiki

I am “Pine Box” who is here to amaze spectators of all ages with my uniqueness to the Combots Cup. I “Pine Box” have been built from the ground up to win matches not by brute force, but with showmanship and spectator approval. It’s not what’s on the outside that counts this time, but what’s inside. At 6ftx2ftx1½ft, 212lbs or so, with a metal frame and wood skin, I am a bit large and bulky and may not even be the fastest robot on three wheels, but hope to steal the show with a blaze of activity.

I have been created by Team Tiki of Laney College out of Oakland, Ca. It is a community college with some very destructive minded people as you will be able to tell later. The team consists of students and instructors alike; I have been resurrected for the sheer pleasure of my own demise!

Pine Box

Pine Box Went an astounding 0-2, getting dismembered by Last Rites only to return for a second loss against Death and Taxes. Pine box went on to fight a demo match VS ziggy. Where the count performed a tripple axle with a 1/2 twist, right in prime view of the judges.

After the fray of the event we had a chance to really play around with Pine Box's fire system. In shop testing we wwere able to dial the pressure back up to almost full bottle pressure, accheive reliable ignition, and create some truly amazing fire balls.


Part Warrior, Part show
A Chameleon
Mostly Vapor